Oct 29

The New Greed

October 29, 2014 by Christine Hoover Comments

 The New Greed..
Kyle and I sat at dinner out, away from children, and I still couldn't relax and enjoy myself. I was distracted, and had been consistently for weeks. Slumped at the table, I stared at him and tried to explain how I was feeling.

Me: I feel overrun with thoughts and emotions, many of them sad and discontented and that I can't figure out. My brain feels like it's being pulled in a million different directions. What is going on with me?  

Kyle, after listening to my winding trail of thoughts for many minutes: You check email a lot. You're on your phone a lot. 

Oct 27

How to Be A Good Sounding Board for Your Husband

October 27, 2014 by Christine Hoover Comments
How to Be a Good Sounding Board for Your Husband..
Women are influencers. We're relational by nature, so we're often the relational glue within our families, churches, and communities and, within these relationships, we have tremendous opportunities and a great responsibility to use our influence well.

After almost 15 years of being my husband's marriage, parenting, and ministry partner, I am just coming to understand the weighty responsibility of being his greatest influencer and most important sounding board.
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