Oct 15

Empty walls. (On the lies of depression)

October 15, 2014 by Katie Orr Comments

Empty Walls. (On the lies of depression)...
The initial excitement of our move, my husband’s new job, and a new home filled with blank walls (in waiting for a little HGTV-splendor) carried me only a few months before the reality of my burdened soul caught up with me. 

So my walls laid bare. For two years, boxes and boxes of cute decor and happy family pictures stayed packed away. 

It wasn’t for lack of time.

Oct 13

Our Children, Our Neighbors

October 13, 2014 by Jen Wilkin Comments

Our Children, Our Neighbors.. 
If you asked me the single most important insight that has shaped my parenting, it would be this: Children are people.

It seems self evident. 

Clearly, they have arms, legs, ears, noses and mouths—enough to qualify. But the idea of their personhood goes far beyond possessing a human body. It goes to the core of their being and speaks to their worth. Children bear the image of God, just like adults. Well, not just like adults.

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